Los Leones Rugen is the latest to be selected in producing content for here.

What you’ll get are memorable opinions that are different even by the standards of this website as seen by the below introduction. 

I’ve been in E – Mail Correspondents with the host of this site since being informed about this specific page of this website that is seen yet also unseen.

It lead me to improve my destreza en lenguaje ingles (English Language Skills) eventually discovering a world more colourful than I previously had grasped in my adolescence 20’s of many summers drinking Irish Whiskey on the beach (am from Spain) whilst enjoying saquear el placer or in your english ‘looting the pleasure’ of women from all over Europe with the most passionate seeming to originate from the locations with the coldest climates.

To use a rather crude yet funny saying from the United States of America:

I’ve seen more tail than a Veterinary Surgery.

So, now am near 50yrs of age with a Wife whom is a British Geordie the result of my time as a Pirate. She still speaks terrible español that’s hilarious yet I now through study somehow have a better grasp of her language than she does? Yet, her humour that includes use of very crude foul language in both languages, the extreme overt passion for everything she does & like the majority of our Europeans a deep appreciation of Soccer is why we’re together.

As, you’ve gathered I’ve had to use a pseudonym. This is due to the current 21st Inquisition not lead from Rome rather Brussels. Religion isn’t the reason rather Metropolitan – Liberalism that wishes to criticize then eliminate all opinions that go against a comfortably numb blandness promoted by the EU such as this.

For, the record I spent a time of my working life as what you Americans would say as a High – School Teacher. During, my time in Teacher Training College, a Female Colleague would earn additional funds for nothing more than disposable income as an exotic dancer. Back, then it was common for couples to visit establishments that had this entertainment.

One evening, she did a Private Dance for a married couple of a student she was teaching yet in 1996 everybody was fine about the division of how a individual behaves on a Saturday night not being brought up regarding their Monday morning workplace performance. This common sense NO longer applies in the 21st Century.

I have left education moving to a different occupation in the private sector that is more lucrative yet more restrictive. Under, NO circumstances ‘can I embarrass’ the company in & outside the workplace for I have become a member of…

My Geordie & I can’t wait till our retirements so we can enjoy sharing a Pizza on the sofa at 03:00 on a Wednesday whilst watching Conspiracy Theory Videos on YouTube (if they will still be permitted to be on this platform ?) then waking up at sometime in the early afternoon. Also, as a middle – finger to the straight – jacket of corporate control we’ll enjoy summers taking in the nudist beaches of Ibiza then combining the Swinging Clubs of Deutschland during that nations carnival season each February to March.

To, prevent myself having one of those days…

I have decided to take the invitation of Señorita Twyman in giving me a means to express how I feel on a number of topics into the following sections of this site:

Bizarro Books – I love a used Book Store, randomness meeting eccentricity thus lots to recommend.

Random Reality – various links updated daily on what’s going on in the world.

Sound & Vision – around Television, Marketing esp. Advertising, Console Games, Cinema & Music.

What, I’ve done to be interactive is set-up my very own Twitter account YET please don’t send me tweets in español as I’ve been communicating in this language for nearly 50yrs rather I’d like to improve my English via this site PLUS tweets.

My Twitter:      https://twitter.com/LosRugen

With, the handle being @LosRugen

I look forward to interaction with this audience.