Pet Shop Boys feature Baphomet tweeting in new video

I enjoyed the Pet Shop Boys’ new music video, “On social media,” especially the shot above. A woman named Hannah<3 replies to a tweet from Lucifer with a picture of a man praying to a stack of stones that’s captioned “You’refeeling#blessed.” Lucifer is even using the Baphomet head for his profile pic!This is is shown on  phone screen display, featured right below a tweet from God (@LetThereBeLikes).

Hannah<3’s Twitter handle is @PureLove42, which, I found, does actually belong to a real person on Twitter, though he seems to be someone quite different from Hannah<3 (see below), and has only posted a handful of tweets. His first name is Ahmet, which is interesting, considering the etymological connection between Baphomet and “Mohamet.”

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