Leaving Neverland sponsored by David Geffin, Michael Jackson’s nemesis

As discussed this last Wednesday, March 13 on Rx Only Pictureshow #43 with Steve Outtrim, the “Leaving Neverland” program about Michael Jackson was sponsored by his long-time nemesis David Geffin, as well as Gayle King. Below is a link to the article from Tiffany Fitzhenry that Outtrim mentioned.

Regarding David Geffin, here’s a reminder of the curse that Michael Jackson paid a witchdoctor in Mali to put on him, which did involve the sacrifice of a number of cows. It seems that their feud has continued beyond the grave. Why else would Geffin wasn’t to spoil the sale value of intellectual property that he himself has a stake in? Michael Jackson’s records are being pulled off radio playlists all over the world because of this TV show!

The connection with Gayle King, also the recent interviewer of R. Kelly, that Fitzhenry notes is interesting for a number of reasons, including her relationship with Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, you may recall, runs a school in South Africa where there is a history of rampant sexual abuse of the children (2007), and where a dead baby was once found on campus (2011).

She was also, oddly, hoaxed by 4channers many years ago, who tricked her into reading a threatening letter from what purported to be a member of an online pedophile ring. The letter contained the inside joke phrase “over 9000,” so getting Oprah to say “over 9000 penises… raping children” was considered a major source of lulz at the time. Like so many pedophile jokes from the last thirty years or so, this one doesn’t age well, however.


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