John Podesta, the New Zealand shooter, and the Zodiac killer

So I’ve been meaning for two years to tell people about how I thought that the symbolism found on the Halloween card that the Zodiac Killer’s famous sent to a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle was eerily similar to the symbolism of John Podesta’s now notorious selfie displaying a drawing of a fish on one of his hands and the number 14 on the other. At the time, I had made a video about this subject and posted an article containing a segment in which it was analyzed. I’ll post the relevant segment below, along with the video. I decided against publishing anything about the connection with the Zodiac killer at the time because there were already so many other things I was busy writing about, and although my video about Podesta’s hands was getting lots of views, it was also getting lots of negative comments. After a while I realized that I was getting flak because I was over the target, but by then I was very busy with other subjects, and didn’t get around to this one again.

Now, though, some similarities with the New Zealand mosque shooter’s rifle decorations and John Podesta’s hands has been noted by none other than Q-Anon. So now I think it it quite important to point these things out.

Here’s the video I made in 2016:

In it, I explain how the number fourteen written on John Podesta’s right hand can be seen as a reference to the myth of Osiris, who was purportedly chopped up into 14 pieces and thrown into the Nile River by his brother Set. His sister and wife Isis later discovered all of the pieces, except one: the penis, which had been swallowed by a fish. This,then, would explain the fish symbol on Podesta’s left hand. (Note that the number of people killed in New Zealand was 49, and 4+9=13, one less than fourteen, the difference representing the missing part.

(Note: Coincidentally I am writing this article on March 25, the “Day of Blood” in the liturgical calendar of the ancient Roman cult of Cybele. This was the day on which they celebrated the event of her castrating her son Attis out of jealousy, and all of the new initiates into her priesthood would be castrated in honor of this, and thereafter they were referred to as women.)

In the story, as we know, Isis was able to put the severed parts of her husband together again and, like Frankenstein’s monster, resurrect him. Having outfitted him with a prosthetic penis, she then copulated with him to breed their son Horus.

The fact that Podesta has the fish drawn on his hand is, as I stated in the video, reminiscent of classic depictions of the so-call Mano Pantea or “Hand of Glory” in  Western occult literature. It’s a depiction of a hand making the sign of benediction, or blessing, with various symbols placed onto different parts of the hands. Quite frequently, a fish can be seen in the center of the palm, as I discussed in yet another article that touched upon this subject, which I will also quote below. Note that in this example, the fish is on the right hand, whereas Podesta put his on the left.


In the context of the Podesta photo, one layer of meaning for having this symbol specifically on the left hand might be to identify it with the “left-hand path” (the selfish and evil path in Western occultism), while the “14” on the other palm denotes the “right-hand path” (the righteous way). If the Pizzagate premise is true–that Podesta belongs to a cult that rapes, kills and eats children–then he most definitely belongs to the left-hand path, and they look at those on the opposite path to be their prey. So in this context, the fish symbolizes the path that involves eating the flesh of your enemies. Those on the opposite path become the dismembered victims who are eaten by them. The point of Podesta sending this picture to someone was most likely as a threat to one of his co-conspirators who was beginning to grow a conscience, illustrating what would happen to him or her if they turned on the cult.

As I wrote in Jeffrey Dahmer, Aleister Crowley, Exorcist III, 9/11 and Pizzagate:

Also, consider this: In the film [Exorcist III], as I said, the killer removes a finger. As it turns out, this removing of a finger is a common sacrificial requirement in cults, particularly as a self-punishment for failing to meet a promise to the group. Freemasons take oaths promising to mutilate themselves, or acknowledging that others will exact these penalties upon them, if they betray their orders’ secrets. You may remember a similar scene from Godfather II, showing how the Italian Mafia, another cult, practices this.

Marty Leeds explains in the video above that the hands break down into 14 distinct parts. The index finger, the one removed by the killer in Exorcist III, is itself representative of the penis, for obvious visual reasons, which is why we use it as the “fuck you” sign. This is a very old symbol of the cult of Priapus in Europe, the god of fertility known for his giant erect penis. It is an alternative version of another penile hand signal, the fig, which involved putting the thumb between the index and middle fingers of the same hand to simulate sexual penetration. Originally this was a sign used to ward off the evil eye, and only later became an insult, basically saying “may Priapus rape you.” This charm to ward off evil was also used as an amulet, called the fascinum, in the form of a disembodied penis worn as a necklace.

In Killing God to Become God, and in my video about Podesta above, I talked at length about the castration cult of Cybele, and how her priests were required to castrate themselves, with the severed parts then being placed in a sacred vessel as a totem. One can easily see the requirement of sacrificing a finger, particularly the middle one, as a substitute for the harsher sacrifice of the penis. Now consider that Johnny Depp, who has been tied to a long list of occult activity and people, was reported three months ago to have severed his own middle finger, supposedly in an argument with his girlfriend Amber Heard. The argument was, he said, about her cheating on him with Billie Bob Thornton. He then wrote on a mirror in the blood from his finger the words “Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber.” Afterwards he went to a hospital and had the finger patched up as best he could with skin from the rest of his hand. Now it looks more like a penis than ever.

Depp finger severed
Depp finger severed
Depp finger reconstructed
Depp finger reconstructed
Depp's message in blood
Depp’s message in blood

I don’t necessarily believe the story, which could be a cover for a cult-required sacrifice. Now think about Podesta’s gnarled hands, and the possibility that at least one of his fingers may have been severed and then re-attached, as it seems possible from the Depp example that initiates are allowed to surgically repair their sacrificed fingers after the ceremony.


This idea all came to me before I even saw Exorcist III for the first time yesterday. It came when I was looking up “Liber Oz” on Google Image Search trying to find the origin of that Manly Hall-Liber Oz combo image. I looked up “Liber Oz” and kept finding two things. One was people extending their hands in the sign of Mano Pantea, the sign of blessing made by extending the thumb, index, and middle fingers only, which we so often see being performed by Jesus, by other saints, and even by Baphomet.


Mano Pantea on Heirophant card from Crowley's Thoth tarot deck
Mano Pantea on Heirophant card from Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck
Baphomet does double Mano Panteas
Baphomet does double Mano Panteas

The other thing I found with that search was several images of hands where those exact fingers had been severed, as well as images of the three severed fingers alone. These were all artwork, not real, and most of them were from a Japanese line of clothing that is for some reason called “Liber Oz.” I still found it disturbing, and feel that there is some connection here.


Now here’s what I wrote in Mad Love: Pedophile Hearts, Disposable Teens, and the Closing of the Doors of Mercy:

In the film Mad Love, Peter Lorre plays Dr. Gogol, a Frankenstein-type character who secretly transplants a pair of hands from the body of an executed murderer to the husband of the woman he loves, in hopes of winning her favor. The husband is a famous pianist, Stephen Orlac, whose hands were crushed in a train accident. He finds that he cannot play piano with these new hands (which he doesn’t even know are not his), but is compelled to commit murder. Eventually the woman ends up at Dr. Gogol’s house, and when she still refuses his affections he tries to kill her, declaring: “Each man kills the thing he loves.”

From the booklet for a Marilyn Manson album called Mad Love. Note that the hand and wrist are disembodied, with a line drawn between hand and wrist to indicate that these too will be cleaved apart. The heart is also piercing the picture of the eye below, out of which a triangle has been cut.From the booklet for a Marilyn Manson album called Mad Love. Note that the hand and wrist are disembodied, with a line drawn between hand and wrist to indicate that these too will be cleaved apart. The heart is also piercing the picture of the eye below, out of which a triangle has been cut.

Strangely, Peter Lorre acted in another movie with related themes called The Beast with Five Fingers. In it, a crazy butler imagines that the disembodied hand of his dead master, a famous pianist, has come to life to perform several murders, and to play the piano again. Also noteworthy is that while he was alive, the pianist kept a young female as an assistant so that he could “draw energy” from her “life,” and even declared that he didn’t need food because of this.

The meaning behind the mystical hand symbolism is obscure. In The Beast with Five Fingers, the crazy butler is pursuing the mysteries of the universe in old astrology books, but they never develop this idea much. However,t he numerology of the human hand is mentioned, without occult connotations, in a scene in which the dead pianists nephew recalls how he had been taught as a child to remember the combination of his uncle’s safe. It’s 8-5-14-27, based on “the number of bones in the hand”:

“Eight bones has the carpus. Five the metacarpus. Fourteen the phalanges. All in all, 27.”

The same hand numerology, and the mystical ideas connected to it, have been explained recently in this popular video from Marty Leeds about the numbers written on John Podesta’s hands in a strange photograph he emailed to a colleague.

And as I explained in my own video on this subject, this mystical number set, connected to the myth of Osiris, also relates to the subject of cannibalism:

Both Mad Love and The Beast with Five Fingers were variations on the story from an earlier silent film, The Hands of Orlac.

Similar concepts were used in the occult horror film Mephisto Waltz from 1971, in which a warlock pianist and his witch daughter, who is also his lover, use black magic to live forever by jumping into other people’s bodies when the previous host’s body has been worn out. However, the pianist must always seek a replacement body that has appropriate hands for playing the piano. Interestingly, this film stars Alan Alda, son of Robert Alda, who starred in The Beast with Five Fingers.

There are many layers to this hand symbolism, some of which will have to be explored in future writings. Part of it, though, is the idea of letting one’s hands be used as the “Devil’s plaything,” and that through possession of the body (or even merely the hand itself), one might not be able to control, and therefore might not be culpable for, whatever the hand does, be it to create depraved art, or to commit a sex crime, or a murder. Truly the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, because the conscious mind does not even know. I can confirm this is what happens when one uses a Ouija board effectively. The surrealists allowed their hands to be possessed for automatic writing, painting and drawing.

On another page of the same Marilyn Manson fan site mentioned above, it talks about how another Manson symbol, the Stigmata M, is derived from the film poster for yet another movie starring Peter Lorre: Fritz Lang’s M, about a serial child rapist and killer. It shows a hand marked with the letter “M” for “murderer.”

Fritz Lang's M
Fritz Lang’s M
Marilyn Manson Stigmata M
Marilyn Manson Stigmata M

Read the article about the Stigmata M. The author believes that Manson has referenced the film in his videos many times, including the balloons that the killer used in the film to lure his victims.

So, now that we have gone over the importance of these hand symbols, and how the threat to remove a finger connects with the concept of castration (implicit in the loss of Osiris’ penis), let us look at the Zodiac Killer’s Halloween card. Here’s what was on the front and back:


Here’s what was inside:

As this Zodiac blog reveals, this was a mass-produced card that the killer purchased and altered in order to embed symbolic codes. Note the number 14 written on the skeleton’s right hand on the front of the card. Then inside, “4-TEEN” is written above his head, which now has a crack in the skull. Note also that in the message written on the back of the card, the letter N, the fourteenth letter of the alphabet, is reversed in the word “knife.”

Now, when I first published my Podesta analysis video, I got many annoying comments saying that I was over-analyzing it, because as these people saw it, the code Podesta was communicating with the fish and the number 14 was simply “Fishing for Teens.” I doubt that Podesta prefers his victims that old, and I doubt that he has to fish for them. But here, the Zodiac Killer seems to be emphasizing the word “teen.” Of the Zodiac killer’s confirmed victims, three of them were between the age of 16 and 19. Two other suspected victims were 18 years old, including Cheri Jo Bates, who was “stabbed to death and nearly decapitated on October 30, 1966.” The Halloween card was sent to the newspaper on October 27, 1970. Note that the Exorcist III movie, which I analyzed in relation to this symbol set in 2016, was re-released as a Director’s Cut right before Halloween that year, right as the Pizzagate scandal was emerging.

The number 14 is also referenced by the eyes that decorate the inside of the card. There are 13 of them. But then look at the front of the card. There, the skeleton still has a eyeball in its right eye socket. The left eyeball (or, at least, its pupil) has been removed. And if you zoom in on the skeleton’s right hand, which is making the “A-OK” sign (which also resembles the number 6, and is the American Sign Language hand sign for the letter F), you can see that he’s holding something in it, but it blends in with the hand because it is also white.

In Egyptian mythology, after the bizarre conception of Horus described above, the child of Osiris fights a war with his uncle Set (or Seth), the murderer of his father. In the battle, he looses an eye, which is then dismembered and has to be reassembled using magic, just like what happened to his father’s body. And just like in that other story, there’s a part that’s missing: the pupil, which acted as the keystone for the whole thing, and had to be replaced with a prosthetic before the eye could be reassembled.

In modern Western occult magic, like that pioneered by Aleister Crowley, this “eye” is actually interpreted as an anus, and thus the story here is that Seth raped Horus. In fact, the Greeks equated Horus with Eros (cupid), a catamite (child sex slave) to the gods, as they did with the figure of Harpocrates, known for putting his finger to his mouth in the universal gesture of silence. The gesture was a reminder to the children used in Egyptian royal sex magic rites to be quiet about what had been done to them.

The penetration of the eye of Horus by Seth, then, represents the penetration of the anus, and the difficulty in restoring it represents the very real, irreparable physical damage that occurs when the body is penetrated this way. The pupil that acts as a “keystone” might represent the sacrum bone, located in the pelvis, which literally acts as a keystone for the human skeleton, as I’ve mentioned previously. In modern times, rumors abound that elite occult orders refer to this as the “Key of David,” and believe that sacred energy (what the Indians call “kundalini”) is released from this area when young boys are penetrated anally. This then results, allegedly, in a burst of “light” traveling up the spine and emerging through the “crown chakra” at the top of the skull. Occult symbols representing this as a “radiant crown” abound, and there is literally an ancient Egyptian myth that parallels this directly. As I wrote in “Killing God to Become God“:

There is a version of the Egyptian myth of the war between Horus and Set, where instead of nephew and uncle (respectively, with Osiris and Horus’ father and Set’s brother), they are both brothers, and Isis is their mother. (These two versions would reconcile if Isis was recognized as being both the mother and the lover of all of them, which would match the proclivities of most of the goddesses of the ancient world.) Set tries to overcome Horus’ position as heir to the chief god by sodomizing and thus, overcoming him (no pun intended), as this was apparently how things worked in the divine legal system in which Thoth was the judge.

But it turned out that Set’s semen had been having sex with Horus’ thighs, not his butt, unbeknowst to him. Therefore the semen never went “inside” him. Meanwhile, their mother Isis had conspired to help Horus overcome set. She jerked him off into a vase, them took the semen and used it to contaminate the lettuce that Set ended up eating (yes, just like the salad scene in Fight Club). Therefore Horus became the heir, while Set was impregnated. The progeny emerged from the top of his head as a golden solar disk, which Horus then took and used to crown himself as the king of the gods.

Take note now that the skeleton on the front of the Zodiac Killer’s Halloween card has a pumpkin over his/her pelvis. The one on the inside of the card has had his skull cracked. Also, both of his eyes are missing, and there is a strange orange-colored square formed around them. Of course, at Halloween, a face is carved into the pumpkin. The eyes are carved out. This makes the pumpkin into a vessel for light: a “Jack-o-Lantern.” Note that in the above picture of the Hand of Glory/Mano Pantea, all of the fingers have, above them, have symbols: a crown, a star, a sun, a lantern, and a key. As I wrote in “Killing God to Become God“:

…supposedly, it activates the Kundalini energy (represented as a serpent) that sleeps dormant at the base of the spine, next to the rectum, the fundament chakra. In Kundalini yoga, where meditation is used to activate the Kundalini, this is thought to produce enlightenment. The energy is then sent up the spine (each said to correspond to one of the planetary powers), then through the third eye, which it opens, and out through the top of the head, where it emerges as a white lotus flower. Marion Knox claims that with victims of the rituals:

The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain.

Ace of Swords from Crowley's Thoth Tarot Deck, a depiction of illumination through ritual sodomy?
Ace of Swords from Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck, a depiction of illumination through ritual sodomy?
Kundalini explodes through the head
Kundalini explodes through the head after being raised up from the butt

There does also seem to be a clue embedded in the Zodiac Halloween card that refers to the skeleton’s sacrum bone, the angle of which varies depending on an individual’s gender. The image below is from yet another Zodiac Killer blog. The left panel shows the front of the card with the pumpkin removed so that we can see what the skeleton’s pelvis looked like underneath. The right panel shows the skeleton on the inside, which appears to have been cut out from something else and pasted over the images in the background. Presumably, everything about the skeleton’s strange position was deliberately crafted by the killer. Below these images are male and female pelvic bones for comparison. As the author of the blog post states:

Are these two skeletons different genders? I’ve placed the appropriate pelvic diagrams under each one to illustrate it. Is that why he covered the pelvis on the front one with the pumpkin so it wouldn’t be spotted right away but rather something to be discovered, another little game.

The orange square around the skeleton’s eye sockets might represent a mask. The fact that it’s orange, like the pumpkin’s skin, might represent a mask made from the flayed face of one victim that is then placed upon the face of another, as reportedly occurred in the film marked “frazzledrip” that was allegedly discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and which was said to show Hillary Clinton doing this to a Haitian child as part of a secret ritual.

Returning to the thirteen eyes on the inside of the Halloween card, note that, for one thing, each of them is peering through a vaginally-shaped hole in the background, made to appear as wooden planks, like those you might construct an outhouse or wooden crate out of. Do they represent people, other victims of the killer, trapped somewhere? Do they represent something that happened to the killer himself at some point in the past? The shape of the holes is significant too. As I mentioned once on Rx Only Pictureshow, this same symbol can be found in many places, including the poster for the film Jeeper’s Creepers (a movie about a killer monster who eats people and wears their skin, directed by an actual convicted child rapist). It hearkens back to the Arabic magic grimoire The Picatrix, where a formula for causing the death of one’s enemy is given: to take the flayed skin of a woman’s vulva and look at your enemy through the hole.

Note the words “peek-a-boo, you are doomed” on the Zodiac’s Halloween card, surrounding the largest hole.

Another thing to consider about these eyes is that there are thirteen of them, which is the number of lunar cycles typically found in a solar year, which is why 13 is considered a “lunar” number. Occasionally, however, there are 14 of them in a year, because the solar and lunar “years” don’t exactly match up. Throughout different cultures and time periods, there have been many variations on both the solar and lunar calendars. In my book The Cutting of the Orm, I talked about the long-held ideal of creating an “aliquot calendar” that would somehow match up the lunar and solar cycles, which has never been done. I talked about how perfectly easy it would be to follow a 364-day calendar (which would break down into 13 identical months of 28 days each, the average length of one lunar cycle), if only it DID match up with the solar cycle. I talked about how the Egyptians considered the 365-day cycle to be a loss of cosmic perfection, and that they considered the last five days of the year to be “non-days” in which rules were suspended (kind of like Saturnalia at the end of the year in Rome). In their mythology, the year had once been 360 days long, the same as the number of degrees in a circle. The website summarizes the myth well:

In the early stages of creation when new cosmological deities were still coming into being, the sky goddess Nut became pregnant due to an illicit encounter with the earth god Geb. Upon becoming aware of this, the supreme sun god Re felt threatened, suspecting that Nut’s offspring might dispose him from power. As a result Re cast a curse upon Nut preventing her from giving birth on any day during the year. And indeed, at this time the earth possessed exactly 360 days in a year, as the universe was in a state of great order and harmony.

Coming to the aid of Nut the wisdom god Thoth devised a plan to outmanoeuvre Re. Thoth presented himself to the moon deity Khonsu, who was a great lover of the game Senet, and he challenged him to a series of matches. The stakes however were quite unusual. Thoth proposed that if he won, his prize would be a measure of the moon’s light: 1/72 to be exact. Khonsu was so confident in his abilities that he accepted. However, much to his surprise Thoth thoroughly outplayed him in the whole series.

In claiming his prize, Thoth took the light that he had won from the moon and gave it to Nut. This transfer caused the earth orbit to shift and increase its length from 360 days per year to some 365.

Nut was thus able to give birth on the extra days as they were not part of the ‘true’ Earth year i.e. the 360 cursed days of Re.

Five children were born – new gods to enter the world. Each god was born on one of the five extra days. Their names were: Isis, Osiris, Seth, Nephthys and Horus the Elder.

Now in addition to the changes that took place respecting the earth, the loss of the moon’s light was no less significant to the moon itself. As a celestial body it was greatly weakened and became smaller in the sky. Indeed, prior to its loss it was a bright body and a visible emitter of light much like the sun. Following the change however it ceased to continuously shine and was forced to go into hiding to periodically recuperate. It could only shine for a time before going dark. And thus, the very phases of the moon as we know them today came into being.

Of course the word “orbit” in the above explanation is added by the author, but the meaning is clear. The world we live in is the result of a curse, ruled over by cursed gods that had been trapped in the womb of the original goddess. No wonder the behavior of those gods is so depraved! This matches up with Greek mythology, particularly as I have deconstructed and reconstructed it (by harmonizing several separate stories in which details implied in one story are overtly stated in another). As I wrote in Killing God to Become God:

Uranus/Ouranos (“Sky”) was the father of Saturn. Saturn had to castrate his own father in order to be allowed to be born, because his father kept his children plugged up in their mother’s womb with his own penis. He did this to prevent them from usurping him as God.

The “sickle” he used to do this, it is strongly hinted in the myths, is the Moon, which may connect to the etymological root for the word “heaven,” which means “hard, stony vault” (the Firmament and the Moon both now connected to this idea of a stone sickle that castrated the sky god and kept us apart from him. Thus, there has been a relationship between Saturn and the Moon. The Moon is somehow what separates us from the higher reality of the “Sky,” Uranus, but that’s also what allows life to happen on Earth the way it does.

The figure of Ouranos does not merely represent the blue air we see above us. Specifically, he is the circle of the Zodiac: the starry firmament. He is represented in Western occultism as the so-called “Perfect Man,” “Complete Man,” or “Zodiac Man,” who is depicted with his body twisted backward into a circle, so that his feet are touching his head. He is always shown with his pelvis smooth, as if his genitals have been removed. As I have stated repeatedly, this is most likely why he is called the “Perfect Man,” as many myths and traditions I have analyzed speak of castration of males as a rite of, specifically, “perfection.”

From Manly P Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” Castrated Zodiac Man at the bottom, explosion of light in the form of Athena (wisdom) from crown of the head at the top, who is making the sign of Apophis

The picture can be seen in Exorcist III, with the text of Liber Oz tacked to the bottom

A piece of art I found. The artist should not have included the genitals However, note the anus background
From my novel Genuflect
From the “spider-walk” scene in The Exorcist


In Egyptian myth, heaven is a goddess named Nut, bent in the opposite direction of the Zodiac man. The Earth, Geb, is male, her consort, from whom she is forcibly separated.
Salvador Dali’s “Woman with a Snail”
Another piece from Dali
prisoners being tortured by ISIS caliphate. Crowley called his OTO movement a “caliphate” also

As I mention in Jeffrey Dahmer, Aleister Crowley, Exorcist III, 9/11 and Pizzagate:

The film Exorcist III is amazingly replete with premonitory prophecies regarding both 9/11 and Pizzagate. Key to unlocking the mysteries of this film is the tableau of thumb-tacked images on the bulletin board displayed in the office of a character who turns out to be working in league with the demon-possessed killer in the movie. Among these are the picture from the Manly Hall book, and directly underneath that, the Liber Oz text. This is why the author combined the two images on his/her site.

The author also noticed that the figure of the man bending backwards into an almost hogtied position in the image resembled the way in which Jeffrey Dahmer positioned one of his victims. This was several months before the Pizzagate scandal exploded, and it became broadly known that John Podesta’s brother Tony owned a statue — called the Arch of Hysteria — that had clearly been made to mimic the position of the Dahmer victim’s body. The author of the article then points out that Jeffrey Dahmer mentioned in court that part of the inspiration for the things he did was the film Exorcist III.

The Arch of Hysteria
The Arch of Hysteria
Dahmer victim
Dahmer victim 

Now consider the fact that in Roman Mithraism, and in the Persian mythology it purportedly comes from, a scorpion comes to cut off the genitals of the sacred bull that represents the “world” and then feeds them to the Moon. Again, from the same article:

You have probably heard about the myth of Mithras slaying the bull, but you probably didn’t hear the part about how the priest sodomized as he killed it. This image of Mithras slaying the bull was depicted in every Mithraeum (ritual chamber), and you’ve undoubtedly seen them. You might notice an ear of wheat emerging from bull’s anus, which represents this. The testicles were cut off and offered to the Moon, to whom the first grade of Mithraism is dedicated, so that she could feed on the blood and semen. This is depicted on the Mithraic images of the sacrifice with a scorpion, representing the Moon (Scorpio is a lunar sign), shown clipping off the testicles with its pinchers. This undoubtedly ties in with the sickle that Saturn used to castrate Uranus, which, as I mentioned above, must be somehow embodied by the Moon.

Scorpion clipping the testicles from the Mithraic bull
Scorpion clipping the testicles from the Mithraic bull

Interestingly, the Zodiac Killer mentioned the original Exorcist film in one of his letters, sent January 26, 1974.

The word “Paradice” in the Zodiac’s note on the back of the Halloween card is most likely intentionally misspelled. Dice have dots on them, like the dots that form part of some of the strange symbols that he wrote on the card and envelope.

Note too that the stamp he chose to use was shows the Earth “rising” from the perspective of someone on the Moon, the famous “Earthrise” photo allegedly taken by the Apollo 8 crew. The stamp includes the words “In the beginning God….” I do wonder if it was chosen to imply the lunar symbolism discussed above, and to invoke the memory of the ancient myths of the Earth being severed from the sky by the Moon “in the beginning” of existence.

In the “Exorcist letter” from 1974, the Zodiac killer includes an odd little glyph that looks like the letter “K,” as the author at notes in his/her article about the Zodiac Killer. It points out that this glyph resembles the position that the victim of the Black Dahlia killer was found in, as well as artwork Surrealists by both Marcel Duchamp and separately, Hans Bellmer, as I shall describe below. The letter “K” is emphasized in Exorcist III, as I mentioned in my article about it. As I pointed out, K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. 11 is the number that symbolizes ritual sodomy, according to Aleister Crowley. Commonly, when the two numerals are written, they also resemble two lower-case letters L. The double-L is also emphasized in the film, which I, again, mentioned in my article, and clues in the movie indicate that these are meant to imply the two vertical lines of the Zodiac sign Gemini. The Gemini twins are then likened to the pillars that hold up heaven, which matches up with Egyptian myths, as I point out in “Killing God to Become God.”

Of course, K and two Ls are 3/4 of the letters in the word “KILL,” while the fourth letter, I, is often written in in upper-case form with a simple straight line, just like the number 1 and the e lower-case L. Of course, sometimes the letter I is written with horizontal bars across the top and bottom, and if you put two of those together, you get the symbol for Gemini.

The Hans Bellmer works relevant here is a series of photographed sculptures called Poupée: Variations sur le montage d’une mineure articulée (Doll: Variations on the Assembly of a Jointed Girl) from 1934, published in the Surrealist magazine Minotaur. They depict, in many cases, a couple of female torsos fused together, arranged somewhat in the shape of the letter K, very similar to what we see in the Zodiac Killer’s “Exorcist letter.” Other pictures just show naked, oddly dismembered females. Here are some samples:


And here’s what the Black Dahlia murder victim looked like.

The Duchamp piece in question here is part of an installation piece that was called Étant donnés (Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas). The first two words translate to the word “since.” As Wikipedia describes the piece:

This work is a tableau, visible only through a pair of peepholes (one for each eye) in a wooden door, of a nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden, legs spread, holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

The Wooden Doorway
The view through the peephole
A miniature representation of the installation. Nore the checkered floor.
A diagram of the installation

Here is a point-of-view video someone has made of visiting the Duchamp installation:

Is there any doubt that this is what the Zodiac Killer was referring to with the eyes looking through the wooden plank on the Halloween Card and the words “Peek-a-Boo”?

Duchamp began work on this in 1946 in New York City and finished in 1966. The Black Dahlia murder occurred in Los Angeles in 1947.the victim’s body was, as Wikipedia puts it, ” mutilated and bisected at the waist.”

Now have a look at the cover for the single release of Coil’s song “Love’s Secret Domain,” which I analyzed in my “Mad Love” article. Here we have the wooden planks background, Mano Pantea with the little and ring finger’s severed, an eye in the palm, a smiling, partially-dismembered skeleton, an eye looking through the wood, and a bleeding severed penis, along with the words “Out of Light Cometh Darkness.” Are those words a reference to the lamp seen hovering over the Mano Patea in some depictions, and the gas lamp mentioned in the title of Duchamp’s Étant donnés installation?

There is also a scene in Exorcist III in which the hero of the film gets stuck to the ceiling by the flesh of his back, and hangs down in a position similar to that of the Zodiac Man. A character in Luis Bunuel’s 1930 surrealist film L’Age D’Or, inspired by the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom, is also shown in this position.


From Exorcist III

Now let’s talk about the fact that the three fingers held upright in the Mano Pantea hand sign are also the three fingers that you would use to hold a pair of scissors. It is also used as a penalty sign by the Aleister Crowley-associated magical orders OTO and A A. It seems to be associated with the “book” he wrote called Liber Oz, wherein he stated it was an initiate’s duty to kill anyone who stood in the way of achieving one’s desires.

They have also seen images produced by people from these lodges that seems to share an inside joke about another very similar hand gesture they use, the “V for Victory” hand sign, which rumor has it Crowley invented and told Winston Churchill to utilize for magical power to fight Hitler. The joke implies that the hand sign represents a pair of scissors.

According to the website this image came from, “V for Victory” hand signal form of the “Sign of Apophis, the Destroyer.” The full-body “Sign of Apophis” used by Crowley’s magical orders involves a person raising their hands above their head, like the sign of surrender in modern times. Now, this hand sign is also considered a “peace sign.” However, rather than peace through conquering, it represents peace through surrender in that context. In the Catholic church, it is a sign of “benediction,” or blessing, just like the Mano Pantea. But I have seen it indicated that the meaning can be reversed if the palm is turned inward, making it a sign of cursing. Also the shadow cast by the hand in this gesture is considered a sign of curse. See the images below.

The “Sign of Apophis” is, in the full-bodied version, also overtly represent the letter V, as it is part of a ritual signal formula represented by the letters “LVX” (the Latin alphabet spelling of lux, the Latin word for Light.” Interestingly, another gesture included in this set is said to represent “Isis in mourning” (for the dead Osiris), and to be symbolized by the swastika! I also rather think it resembles the position formed by the corpse of the Black Dahlia victim, as well as Duchamp and Bellmer’s sculptures.

On the “AC2012” website where I found the “V for Victory-Crowley for President” meme, the connection between the V and scissors is made overt. Now since it’s clear that the gestures above refer to the death of Osiris, and his body was hewn into many pieces, I can only assume that the “scissors” here are the blade/s that cut him up. The “Signet of the Beast” symbol on the bottom left of the meme includes four circles that Crowley said were intentionally placed there to represent a straight-on view of a penis and testicles. Thus, I assume, the castration of Osiris is being implied here.

Giant scissors are used in Exorcist III to sever someone’s head. The same thing took place in Andy Warhol’s movie Flesh for Frankenstein, a film that I find relevant here for many reasons. More directly, there is a shot of something similar in a music video for Heavy Breathing, a band that regularly plays at Comet Ping Pong, and that shot also features the boylove triangle spiral.

Shot from Exorcist III
Shot from Flesh for Frankenstein
shot from a music video by Heavy Breathing

Here are some other images I found relevant to the hand signals and symbols discussed in this article vis-a-vis the idea of fingers being ritually severed:


And here’s the Mano Pantea being turned into a gun. Once again, the game “rock, paper, scissors” is invoked:


Interestingly, the Mano Pantea is the symbol on the Coat of Arms for Savoy, an area containing part of both Italy, France and Switzerland. It’s shown with a crown hovering above it. This is also the corporate logo of the Opinel knife company, which is located in Savoy, on the French side. I know this because I happen to own one!

Furthermore, I mentioned the Mano Pantea and the concept of the castration of Heaven it in my introduction to the English translation of Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum, specifically because it was featured on a medieval coin from Savoy that, I speculated, might have influenced some of the symbolism used in the rituals designed by Aleister Crowley for the OTO. I also explained this in a video I made too, featured below. In both the introduction text, and in the video, I talk about the idea, possibly symbolized by markings on this very coin, that the “blade” which Saturn/Chronos used to sever his father’s penis and escape his mother’s womb was actually a tooth, or a set of teeth.

In the Beatles song “Savoy Truffle,” the pulling of teeth is mentioned, after the eating of candies that seem like metaphors for messy sexual acts is described:

Creme tangerine and montelimar
A ginger sling with a pineapple heart
A coffee dessert, yes you know it’s good news
But you’ll have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle
Cool cherry cream, a nice apple tart
I feel your taste all the time we’re apart
Coconut fudge, really blows down those blues
But you’ll have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle
You might not feel it now
But when the pain cuts through
You’re going to know, and how
The sweat is going to fill your head
When it becomes too much
You shout aloud
You’ll have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle
You know that what you eat you are,
But what is sweet now, turns so sour
We all know Obla-Di-Bla-Da
But can you show me, where you are?

Notably, too, in my introduction, and in the video, I connected the name of the king featured on the coin, Otto (sometimes written “Oddone”) to the Norse god Odin who, like Horus, lost one of his eyes in a divine battle.

Tab. V, fig. 100

John Podesta and his brother Tony both collect surreal art of the exact sort created by Bellmer and Duchamp: dismembered naked women, often made to resemble food, or people actually shown being eaten. Also, they are fond of pictures of women and children tied up, looking like they are being tortured. They are also both initiates of some unnamed Thelemite (Crowlean) order, as revealed by Wikileaks. Also, check out what John Podesta looked like in 1971, when he was in college, during the time of the Zodiac Killer.

Left to right: John Podesta in college, the Zodiac Killer, and Podesta a few years later

In a post on this blog, the author analyzes clues on the Zodiac Killer’s Halloween card that indicate the name “John” and its variant, Jack.

Now, I’m not saying that John Podesta is the Zodiac Killer. But then again, I’m not saying he isn’t!

Returning again to the subject of Apophis, I have noticed that there is an asteroid with that name that has a corresponding astrological symbol which resembles the gesture for the “Sign of Apophis.” It looks like a man raising his arms above his head in the same manner, and it has a scythe-shaped curve at the bottom, just like the symbol for Saturn, which is known to represent the weapon he used to castrate his father. The Apophis symbol also directly resembles something else: the position taken by the skeleton on the inside of the Zodiac Killer’s Halloween card, just in mirror reverse, curving to the other side. See for yourself.

I assume the collection of connected symbols mentioned in this article will only continue to foster more discoveries as time goes on. If you find something relevant, let me know!

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  1. The image of Mithris contains a scorpion castrating the bull. Taurus and scorpio are opposites on the zodiac circle. Might that be a cartoon of their being opposite? Then there are great ages like Aquarius. Might Mithris killing the bull be dated to the end of Taurus? Just guessing. thanks for the amazing and brave stories you tell.

  2. Great article as usual Tracy. The first skeleton looks to be in a position of as above so below similar to baphomet. The second looks to me like it’s being crucified. Their dispositions appear to be in stark contrast. One playful the other malevolent suggests MPD or duality? The first sacrum resembling a butterfly, transformation or mind control programming. The eyes have long lashes and appear to be all female, they are also in the shape of a crescent moon (13 lunar months). If you turn the Z clockwise it’s N (14). If you zoom in on the word But, there appears to be a word written below but its hard to read it, Weak? The W could also be a tooth or skull. There’s possibly a word above as well (looks like Hi written backwards). Above that looks like a pair of glowing eyes. A face to the left of but. There’s a lot in the background.

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