Die Antwoord accused by groupie/protege girl of SRA rape

So, Die Antwoord is a fairly blatantly Satanic rap group from South Africa. One of their former little helpers, Zheani, just released a couple of songs of her own accusing the frontman, Ninja, of “trafficking” her to South Africa, then drugging and raping her in the woods as part of a ritual. She’s putting screenshots of her digital communications with him directly in her own music videos as evidence.

Here are a couple of her relevant videos:


Screenshot from “The Question”:

This one illustrations the drug-fueled ritual in the woods and includes many well-known tropes related to “Project Monarch” MK-ULTRA programming.


UPDATE: Here’s a detailed breakdown of the situation https://youtu.be/4nzWma3w5CM


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3 thoughts on “Die Antwoord accused by groupie/protege girl of SRA rape”

  1. Zheani was 20 at the time from what i’ve heard others say. but she claims ninja was so into her because she looked like his, at the time, teenage daughter.

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